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Sorry to do this, but a sight called http://www.disinfo.com says that I'm using their copyright on the name, so I can no longer use the (new band name) anywhere on my page. It seems that a student trying to run an non-profit fan page of one of the best groups ever could somehow violate what ever kind of business they are. It's too bad, really. If you feel that this cease and desist order I received was unnescessary, please e-mail them with your disgust. Thanks.

The Latest News: See for Yourself
If you don't belive any of this, you can go to this link, where you can read it for yourself. As you know by now, Mad Season is undergoing some major changes. First, Layne Staley is not going to be the lead singer on the next record. This has been rumored to be because of many things, but the most sensible reason is because he wants to spend more time with his family. Mark Lanegan, of the Screaming Trees fame is taking over the lead singing duties. He sung on two songs on Mad Season's Above, Long Gone Day and I'm Above. The album may be of the same title. The music has been written, possibly recorded. Lanegan is either done with lyrics or finishing them up. The album is tenatively scheduled for a Fall 1998 release. We'll keep you posted.

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Mad Season:

Recent Website Updates: 5-16-98
On May 16th, 1998, I updated almost everything. The new poll is now up, also. The links section should be up as well, so check it out. Enjoy...
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To get to some links of interest, you may click here for (New band name) links (there isn't much of them), or click here for a bunch of Mad Season related links. Featured Link: Addicted to Noise. It is the best source for all music news.
Words From The Fans:
To leave your thoughts with other Mad Season/(new band name) fans, you may click here to access a message board, where anyone and everyone can leave a message. Go ahead, tell your thoughts about all of this to everyone. If need be, my e-mail address is dsmith4@home.com.
Thoughts from the Webmaster:
I personally can't wairt for some new music. Mike McCready is the best guitarist in Pearl Jam, and their last album was just great. I do, however, wish that Layne was on it. No offense to Mark Lanegan, but Alice in Chains have always been one of my favorite groups. I'm glad that they finally decided to do a new album. My only fear is that it will turn out like Pearl Jam's No Code, which I really didn't like too much. Pearl Jam's new CD, Yield, is good, however. Anyways, if it's these guys, a good CD will come out.

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